About Us

Ejay Eldon Eastin started Ejay's Machine Company on one side of a rented two-car garage in Gardena, California in 1964. With only one Bridgeport milling machine, Ejay began machining parts as a sub-tier supplier for several area machine shops. Working primarily for the aerospace industry, the crowning glory of the early years of Ejay's Machine Co. was in the production of a bracket on the landing gear of the Surveyor in 1968.

As business grew so did the need for space and in 1970 Ejay moved his business from the garage to a warehouse in Gardena and added more machines to his production line. In 1981 Ejay and his son Sky became partners and six years later the shop moved again, this time to its current location in Fullerton California. Sky brought the company into the computer age, adding CNC machines and CAM programming.

As Ejay began planning for retirement in 1994 he transitioned the leadership of the company to the next generation. In 1987, Denise Eastin became President and majority shareholder of the company. Sky Eastin became Vice President, with responsibilities in Quality and Production.

During this time Ejay's Machine Co. began working direct with prime aerospace contractors such as Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas, Northrop, and BF Goodrich. With the leadership of the Eastin family and the participation of the company's ever-growing family of employees, Ejay's earned recognition as Bronze (1993) and Silver (1995) Preferred Supplier to Boeing (then McDonnell Douglas). The company has maintained this distinction continuously since that time.

Throughout the years, Ejay's Machine has contributed to countless aerospace projects both commercial and military. Ejay's Machine has made parts for many aircraft from the MD-80, MD-90, MD-11, and 747 passenger planes to the F-15, F-18, CH-47, V-22, and C-17 military aircraft. The company has also machined parts for the Harpoon missile and the ACES II ejection seat.